Dehler 38SQ

Dehler 38SQ

The Dehler 38SQ is a yacht that covers the entire range of pleasures of high-speed comfort sailing.

Deck layout optimized for solo sailing, rigid hull protected against osmosis and an extraordinarily spacious cabin.

What else? That depends on you.

Enjoy setting up your Dehler 38SQ.

Our idea was to create a performance cruiser in the best sense of the word. So we faced the great challenge of making sure that any of its possible versions would be absolutely convincing.

We are now proud to say that the Dehler 38SQ will definitely become what the owner regards as the ultimate sailing yacht.

Dehler 38SQ int layout standard

Deheler 38SQ int layout option

Información técnica de Dehler 38SQ

  • Tipo: Velero
  • Eslora total: 11.30 m
  • Eslora de flotación: 10.40 m
  • Manga: 3.75 m
  • Calado: 2.03 m
  • Desplazamiento: 7.500 kg
  • Lastre: 2.380 kg
  • Superficie vélica: 78.60 m²
  • Génova: 35.60 m²
  • Mayor: 43.00 m²
  • I Génova: 15.07 m
  • P: 14.50 m
  • E: 5.20 m
  • J Génova: 4.36 m
  • Capacidad de agua: 295 L
  • Potencia: Diesel 29 PS/HP
  • Capacidad de combustible: 160 L
  • Certificación: A-6 / B-10
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