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Solaris 50 NEW

NEW Solaris 50

Evolution and innovation continue at Solaris Yachts: with great enthusiasm we present the new Solaris ’50.

Given the success of the Solaris ’48 and Solaris ’50 models in recent years, we have begun a study and design of new hull lines, a vision that has led to the creation of a new Solaris ’50 with measurements of 15, 50m x 4.78m.
Tracing unprecedented hull lines, we have achieved the expansion of the aft space, incorporating the double rudder. It has also allowed us to incorporate a garage for the auxiliary with a longitudinal entrance, a unique solution in yachts of this length. This solution greatly facilitates the use of the tender, which remains in a completely watertight locker.
On deck, the cockpit is decidedly large and enjoys true freedom of movement, already proven on the Solaris ’40 and Solaris ’60 models.
Here are the extreme benefits: Full-width wheels improve the view even with the spray hood open. The water from the corridors slides down the two steps forward of the rudder columns, creating an environment of extreme safety and comfort for sailing at sea. The innovative steps also ensure greater ease of movement on deck, allowing you to move comfortably.
Interrupting the aisles before the steering area allows for the lowest pulpit and handrail to be placed aft for maximum visibility.
You can also choose between the solution of one or two tables in the cockpit.
The innovations continue in the preparation of the interiors of the new Solaris 50: in addition to the classic design with 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms, a modern and original option is born. In fact, you can opt for a third bathroom and a longitudinally designed kitchen. We have always paid special attention to the finishes of the dining room and the owner’s cabin as the basis of our history as a shipyard: the collaboration with Poltrona FRAU, the prestigious leather goods since 1912, will allow you to customize the interiors of your Solaris according to your needs.

  • 15.50 m4.78 m


S50 new



S50 new