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Solaris 58 Lianne

Sale price: Negociación Privada Ref.: Solaris 58

Estupenda embarcación Solaris 58 año 2016 con bandera Inglesa en el mercado de Ocasión.

  • Shipyard: Solaris Yachts
  • Type: Velero-Crusero Regata
  • Loa: 17,45 m
  • Year: 2016
  • Name: Lianne
  • Flag: British Indian Ocean Territory

Solaris One 44

Sale price: 370.000 € (Imp. inc.) Ref.: Solaris one 44

El Solaris 44 ha sido estos últimos años el best seller del prestigioso astillero Solaris Yachts. Esta unidad, la primera de bandera española en el mercado de ocasión, se encuentra en perfecto estado y lista para navegación de crucero...

  • Shipyard: Solaris Yatchs
  • Type: Velero de crucero/regata
  • Loa: 13,60 m
  • Year: 2012
  • Flag: Spain

North Wind 47

Sale price: 165.000 € Ref.: North

Tanto el estado exterior como el interior están en unas condiciones inmejorables para este tipo de barco.

  • Shipyard: North Wind
  • Type: Cruising sailboat
  • Loa: M 14,25
  • Year: 1991
  • Name: Intrepid
  • Flag: Spain

Solaris 72 Bagueera

Sale price: 950.000 € Ref.: S72BAGUEERA

The Solaris 72 Bagueera is a beautiful luxury yacht by architect Doug Peterson with teak interior that offers 4 cabins with 4 en suite bathrooms. Elevated lounge and navigation area with panoramic views. Maneuver prepared for reduced ...

  • Shipyard: Solaris Yachts
  • Type: Deckhouse cruising Blue Water
  • Loa: 21.70 m
  • Year: 2006
  • Name: Bagueera
  • Flag: Italy

Solaris 42 Race Swiss Nautic One

Sale price: 450.000 Ref.: S42RACE

Solaris 42 Race Swiss Nautic One, from the design studio of Javier Soto Acebal, is a cruiser / regatta with a very high performance. The "beauty" of the Solaris 42 Race, its optimized construction and high equipment, are what make it ...

  • Shipyard: Solaris Yachts
  • Type: Cruising sailboat
  • Loa: 12,36 m
  • Year: 2015
  • Name: Swiss Nautic One
  • Flag: Switzerland

Solaris 72 DH

Sale price: 1.500.000 € Ref.: S72DH

A true oceanic cruise of the prestigious designer Doug Peterson with interior of Dick Young in teak.
Fully equipped with electronics, communication systems, water treatment and air conditioner.
Fully updated systems since ...

  • Shipyard: Solaris Yachts
  • Type: Deckhouse cruising Blue Water
  • Loa: 21.70 m
  • Year: 2006
  • Name: Aquileia
  • Flag: British Virgin Islands

Solaris one 44 Gong-oh

Sale price: Private negotiation Ref.: S One 44 Gong

Solaris One 44 with only 222 engine hours. Elegant and refined boat of a single owner in real conditions comparable to those of a new boat.

  • Shipyard: Solaris Yachts
  • Type: Cruising sailboat
  • Loa: 13,60 m
  • Year: 2015
  • Name: GONG-OH
  • Flag: Italy

Solaris 42 WP

Sale price: 415.000 € Ref.: Solaris 42 WP

This Solaris 42 combines the best of navigation with the family cruise. Teak deck, electric winch, bow thruster, heating, electric toilet, complete Raymarine electronics with radar and AIS.
It is a special version of 3 cabins wi...

  • Shipyard: Solaris by Serigi
  • Type: Cruising sailboat
  • Loa: 12,36 m
  • Year: 2014
  • Name: Windspiel
  • Flag: Austria

Solaris 44 sailboat racing

Sale price: To consult Ref.: Solaris 44

A unique Cruiser / Racer, created especially with the collaboration of Solaris Yachts and the naval architect Soto Acebla who have worked in this unit to take it to its full potential.
A balanced combination of art, science, inn...

  • Shipyard: Solaris by Serigi
  • Type: Sailboat Cruising Race
  • Loa: 13,60 m
  • Year: 2013
  • Name: ARIA
  • Flag: Germany

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