Renier 8 EFB


  • Length F.T. 7.95 m
  • Width F.T. 3.18 m
  • Number of compartments 6
  • Tube diameter 46/60
  • Tubular material ORCA
  • Fuel tank 300 L
  • Water tank 90 L
  • Maximum engine power 350 HP
  • Passenger boarding 12/16
  • Design category B/C

We write new milestones

The R8 was designed to redefine the outlines and standards of its class. All the key concepts that have made the R9 so successful have been perfected, resulting in a boat that in only 8 meters offers its owner a habitability, stowage capacity and comfort certainly comparable to much larger boats, all without losing sight of the style that has always characterized our products.

The attention to detail and the careful study of space optimization on board make the R8 a jewel of the shipyard’s production. The retractable awning provides ample shade. The instrument panel has been designed to combine an attractive design with immediate readability of all parameters.

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