Solaris 60


  • Loa 18,31 M
  • BEAM 5,28 M
  • Calado 3,20 (2,80 option) M
  • Motor Hp 75 (optional 110 hp - 150 hp)
  • Desplazamiento 25,800 kg (light)
  • Lastre 7,900 kg
  • Depósito de combustible 450 L
  • Depósito de agua 650 L

In 2020, the Solaris 60 takes to the water, a model that will shape the way boats are built and conceived and will influence nautical design for the next ten years.

The Solaris 60 was born with the idea of creating a Mini-Maxi, i.e. a high-performance sailing yacht with an overall length of 18.31 meters. This length allows participation in offshore regattas in the Mini-Maxi class, including the main event each year in Porto Cervo.

The Solaris 60 has its main innovation in the cabin, where the steering wheels are full width. The boat is steered out of the hood. This ensures that the jib luff is also fully visible, at any speed.
The width of the wheelhouses allows the lifelines to be lowered aft and raised on the two steps to access the promenade. This solution is normally only used on very large vessels, over 140 feet. In addition, the width of the wheels, even in port and when maneuvering, will allow the helmsman to have a clear and unobstructed view of any kind.

Different seats will be available at the stern for maneuvering and steering in different sea conditions, even when seated.

Internally, a layout typical of a classic Solaris: it includes the galley slightly hidden by two steps at the bow and, for the first time, two aft cabins with single or double beds, with a large window overlooking the interior of the cabin. The forward owner’s cabin is extremely spacious, with ample stowage space and the option of side or center berth.
Special attention should also be paid to the sailor’s cabin, in the bow, which has a separate bathroom.
The auxiliary garage, with entrance alongside the boat, occupies minimal space.

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