Solaris 55


  • Loa 16,90 M
  • BEAM 5,00 M
  • Calado 3,00 M (2,30 - 2,70 OPZ)
  • Motor YANMAR 80HP - OPZ 110 HP
  • Desplazamiento 23,000 KG
  • Lastre 6,500 KG
  • Depósito de combustible 480 L
  • Depósito de agua 550 L

Solaris 55 was born from a deep awareness and high knowledge: the experience of 50 years of history of the Solaris Yachts shipyard come together in Solaris 55 which embodies all the qualities of a boat designed to go around the world by sea, or if you prefer, for a pleasant daily outing.

The design and naval architecture were born from the mind of designer Javier Soto Acebal, Adi Design created the interior design and the Solaris team built and took care of the structures, systems and internal technical design. Every aspect and detail of the project, every component chosen among the best brands on the market, has found the right place thanks to a valuable and careful study on a boat with a hull length of 16,90 and a beam of 5,00.

Hull and deck layout

The hydrodynamic study defined a modern hull, with a small spine at the bow that disappears into a round knee in the large transom. This ensures longitudinal adjustment. The cover design appears simple and clean, the result of specific attention and knowledge of the lines. The large cabin with full-width columns greatly enhances the view while sailing and when docking in port. The double tables are extremely comfortable for the central passage to the entrance area of the ship, characterized by two glass panes that allow plenty of light to enter the cabins and the dining room.

A unique feature of a Solaris today is the transom that can be opened to store the tender with the outboard in longitudinal position and a ladder, created from a mold, that is really very convenient to access.

The structure, as in all Solaris, is characterized by the connection of the three main composite bulkheads with reinforcements to the hull and deck. And again, a lead casting keel, anchored with a mating flange to the hull structure. A perfect fusion between avant-garde and traditional solutions: Solaris 55 was born from a great commitment and care to always guarantee its owners safety on all seas, the comfort of sailing and the wind of adventure.


Climbing aboard, the perfect symmetry is the result of a great work of analysis and distribution of spaces: the interior layout is classic with a large owner’s cabin at the bow, available in two versions with central or side bed, together with a bathroom with large shower. The dining room expresses light and symmetry, and has the possibility of having a sofa or two large armchairs. The kitchen, which can be equipped according to the owner’s needs, is L-shaped on the left and can be equipped with all comforts. The two aft cabins each have their own bathroom with separate shower. The yacht can be equipped with a crew cabin and an en-suite bathroom.

The new Solaris 55 is a further step, both in the family feeling and in the evolution of a style that embodies a yacht built according to the criteria of offshore maxi boats and that can be used comfortably for an unforgettable day of sailing.

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