Solaris 40ST


  • Loa M 12.36
  • BEAM M 4.10
  • Calado 2.40 (2.00) M
  • Motor Hp 30 - 50 - 60
  • Desplazamiento 9,400 Kg
  • Lastre 3,050 Kg
  • Depósito de combustible 200 L
  • Depósito de agua 350 L

A step forward into the future.

The rigging of a sailing yacht has always characterized the way of sailing, a point of support for research and evolution: a very high technical-nautical progression of navigation equipment that has become easy to use. And so, going forward, the triangular mainsail has followed the trend of being more square in shape. Thus the 40 – ST Square Top was born with the following advantages:

  • Square mainsail, maximum efficiency with more up wind than down wind
  • The mainsail is more manageable with a shorter boom E that is almost identical in length to the J of the jib.
  • There is therefore work that is not only hydrodynamic but also aerodynamic.
  • The cockpit is very spacious, unobstructed, with the possibility of having an awning extending from the aft end, with no forestay or mainsheet.

The Solaris 40 – ST is an option to the Solaris 40 and represents a step into the future and high technology.

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