At SY Ibérica we work with dedication and professionalism to offer integral nautical solutions.

Our trajectory in the technical sector is a family tradition that we have developed over many years.

The prestigious brands we represent trust us to be an Official Service Point, taking care of their repairs under warranty and offering service to both their customers and ours.

One of the pillars of our company is our extensive technical knowledge and experience in boat manufacturing.

  • For sale

    Our technical knowledge and experience in navigation allow us to offer the best configurations and solutions for various navigation programs, adapting to the needs of our customers.

  • After sales

    Not only do we sell boats, but we also remain at our customers’ disposal after the purchase to satisfy and solve all their needs, ensuring that they can fully enjoy their boats.

  • Repair

    We carry out efficient and durable repairs, maintenance and seasonal preparations. We have a highly trained technical team with extensive experience in the repair of all types of boats.

  • Boat refit

    Our experience in boat building provides us with great knowledge to be able to advise and make major or minor changes to our customers’ boats.

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