Renier 11 FB


  • Length F.T. 11.00 m
  • Width F.T. 4.00 m
  • Length approval 9.99 m
  • Weight (without motors) 3,800 kg
  • Number of compartments 5
  • Tube diameter 45/72
  • Tubular material ORCA
  • Fuel tank 760 L
  • Water tank 260 L
  • Maximum engine power 900 HP
  • Passenger boarding 18
  • Design category B

The flagship of the fleet

In all the models we build, the design phase is essential to achieve the desired objective. In creating the R11, we have uniquely developed the three key concepts that are fundamental to us when creating a boat: style, performance and comfort.

Its style gives it an identity of its own, combining almost unthinkable comfort features, developed on the basis of a “performance” hull in the broadest and most complete sense of the term, where performance and sailing comfort are excellent.

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