Solaris 40

Sailing yacht Solaris 40


  • Loa M 12.36
  • BEAM M 4.10
  • Calado 2.40 (2.00 optional) M
  • Motor Hp 30 - 50 - 60
  • Desplazamiento 9,850 kg
  • Lastre 3,050 kg
  • Depósito de combustible 200 L
  • Depósito de agua 350 L

Innovative 40' yacht following the design style of Javier Soto Acebal and architect Roseo for the interiors.

Our goal was to develop a new 40′ yacht incorporating the latest innovations, while preserving Javier Soto Acebal’s design style. Thus the Solaris 40 was born, with numerous evolutions that distinguish this new project, both in terms of hull performance and comfort at sea. Starting with the hull, Solaris has chosen an extremely buoyant bow line, characterized by a subtle spine that ends in the middle of the hull.

High bow buoyancy is balanced by wide stern sections, which facilitate twin rudders that ensure excellent directional stability. The spacious cab is equipped with two full-width steering pedestals: this is a unique feature for steering with an unobstructed view forward, even with the hood raised. In front of the pedestals, there are comfortable steps leading to the side decks. The lifelines are slightly inclined from that position.

The interiors, created with the help of architect Roseo, are extremely classic: L-shaped galley on the port side, 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms. The separate shower is located in the owner’s cabin bathroom. The high-quality interior design is extremely refined, with 6 windows in the hull providing natural light.

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